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Trader Joe’s Tarte aux Champignons

November 28, 2010

When I’m in a rush and want to eat something fast and healthy (or at least semi), I go for Trader Joe’s Tarte de Champignons aka mushroom emmental parmesan flatbread frozen pizza.

I like to add a strip of Morningstar veggie bacon (only 30 calories for a slice), and break it up over the top of the pizza. It adds some protein and flavor to it. I also zest it up with some celery salt, pepper, and paprika.

Believe it or not, the pizza itself is only 300 calories for a serving. It’s good to share with a friend, but sometimes I actually eat the whole damn thing (it has two servings). Yeah, it’s 600 calories, but if you have it for breakfast (who says you can’t have pizza for breakfast?) or lunch, it’s not a big deal because you  can burn off those calories later.

Tip: Eat more earlier in the day, and less as the day goes on.


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