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Vodka Soda

December 11, 2010

Vodka soda. My default cocktail. Not because it’s oh so tasty, and not because it’s high in alcohol content. No, it’s my beverage of choice because it’s what I call a “healthy” cocktail. That is, it’s low-cal. If you’re like me and would rather consume your calories in food and not drinks, then stick with a drink like the vodka soda. Soda, unlike tonic, has no calories. Add a lemon or lime for some zest and you have yourself a lovely cocktail without having to fret about the calories. Or, you can always just stick with water.

If you want to mix and match your drinks, then here are some drinking tips:

1. Stay away from drinks with juice. Vodka cran fans? Sorry. Cranberry juice has 140 cals a cup!

2. Stay away from the sweet, sugary drinks. This is a no brainer. Margaritas, mojitos, cosmos. Those all have got to go.

3. Stay away from cream and milk. White russians? Nope. Bailey’s? Nope.

4. Drink diet. If you must have a sweet drink, then do diet coke with something.

5. Light liquors have less cals than dark liquors.

6. But red wines have less cals than white wines.

7. The more shots, the more cals. A shot of liquor is usually 70-80 cals each!

8. If you like beer, drink BudLight. Only 110 cals for 12 oz.

Drink responsibly, and drink sensibly.

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