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Tea Party

January 30, 2011

My lovely twin sister, Stephanie, hosted a tea party this evening. A tea party is a wonderful occasion to not only gather with friends and share idle gossip, but it’s also a great opportunity to showcase one’s culinary and hosting skills. She encouraged us to wear our tackiest, frilliest, most tea-party-esque attire, be it floral printed dresses, gloves, and huge hats for the ladies, or trousers, vests, and bowler hats for the gents. We played English themed word games, snacked on bite-sized treats, and sipped on delicious tea (my favorite was the Almond Cream from Queen Mary Tea Room, of course). It was an atypical excuse for a get-together, and very fun. The best part about the evening was, of course, the food and drink.

Steph has always had some sort of infatuation with England, be it Prince William, the Harry Potter books, the Spice Girls, or shepherd’s pie.

26th birthday at the Queen Mary Tea Room.

Thankfully, to the delight of her guests, this infatuation translated into great attention to detail and consequently, a fabulous tea party with wonderful treats.

She had several teas to choose from, including almond cream, ginger peach, black currant, and coconut chai. It was all served from authentic teapots into a variety of unique teacups with saucers.

She had several multi-tiered serving trays with treats that were apparently supposed to be served (consumed?) in a particular order (that’s how they do it in England, I guess). There were savory things like mini mince meat pies (made from scratch, recipe to follow soon), salmon tarts, mushroom turnovers, and cucumber sandwiches. And, there were sweet things like scones (served with various jams, marmalades, and clotted cream), lemon squares, shortbread, and vanilla bean wafers. It was a feast.

Having tea with my sisters and friends was a great time, especially on the weekend when I feel a little less guilty about consuming such rich, high-calorie foods. I give myself a break to indulge more on the weekends. There is no point in depriving myself of eating yummy things. Life’s too short to restrict myself from such pleasures. With that said, however, I do drink my almond cream tea with milk and sugar on the rare occasion, as green tea is my tea of choice during the week. Everything in moderation, but who can resist such a lovely cup of tea?

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  1. January 30, 2011 8:32 am

    WOW!!! I am not a tea fan, but looking at the images make me want to drink some.
    Beautifully done, ladies.


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