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Indoor Picnic

February 18, 2011

Jeff and I decided to have an indoor picnic for dinner on my bedroom floor. It was impromptu. We were walking back from the games store down the street after having just purchased a card game to play, and were on our way to a burrito place. Jeff looked into the window of the local grocery store, Ken’s Market, and said, “Ooh, cheese! I want some cheese!” So, we had to go in. They had some aged sharp cheddar samples. It was pretty tasty, and that inspired us to forgo the burrito plan, and to instead have an indoor picnic.

I adore picnics. They bring to mind summertime afternoons in the park, frolicking in the sun, dining on fresh foods like fruit, veggies, cold meats, and sipping on chilled wine. They remind me of simpler times, napping on a quilt, or perhaps reading an old favorite novel, playing cards, or idly chatting.

Warm, spring or summertime weather is ideal for picnics. But, when the winter chills make you long for summer, why not have a picnic indoors, inside your very own home?

Tonight, we bought a loaf of ciabatta, ripe tomatoes, turkey from the deli, deviled eggs, and some of that aged sharp cheddar. Combined with the pesto we already had at home, some leftover bell pepper filling, and a chilled bottle of Moscato D’asti, this was a perfect way to spend a chilly evening indoors.

When winter gets you down, I highly recommend a picnic; it’s the perfect remedy!

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