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Funfetti Cake Bon Bons

February 25, 2011

I wanted to make something special for my roommate Greta’s birthday this week, and finally settled on Funfetti cake bon bons!

Both Jeff and Greta have a thing for Funfetti. They each got a Funfetti cake for their birthdays last year.

This year though, that just seemed so been-there-done-that. Plus, honestly, it ain’t that hard to whip up a cake from a box mix. Frankly, I’d much rather indulge in something more…how shall I put it…glamorous? Hence, this year I wanted to do something more thoughtful…more creative. Granted, I didn’t invent this recipe. Apparently cake bon bons have been around forever! Inspired by the recipe on Chocolate and Carrots, I decided to give this one a go. They truly are a cinch to make!


-1 box Funfetti cake mix

-1 cup water

-1/3 cup canola oil

-3 eggs

-1 container Funfetti frosting

-12 oz. chocolate morsels (white or milk chocolate)

-rainbow sprinkles (or any other decorations/garnish you’d like)


-large mixing bowl + hand whisk (or electric mixer)

-cake pan

-cookie sheet lined with parchment paper

-mashed potato mixer


-2 forks

-double boiler (or metal bowl + small sauce pan)


1. Make the Funfetti cake following the directions on the back of the box (combine mix, eggs, water, and oil, and mix for two minutes until  blended, then bake). Clean the mixing bowl or have another one handy.

2. While the cake is baking, empty the contents of the frosting container into the mixing bowl and stir until smooth and blended. Once the cake is done baking, immediately remove it from the oven and break apart into the mixing bowl (I find it’s easier to take a spoon and kind of poke at it over the top of my mixing bowl, letting the chunks fall into it).

3. Mash everything together with a masher (or a large spoon works fine for this) until well-blended. Place the bowl in the freezer for about an hour. The cake batter mix should be firm enough to roll into little balls for the bon bons.

4. Remove the cake mix from the freezer. One small spoonful at a time, make little, pretty balls of cake and place them on the lined cookie sheet. Once complete, chill for another hour until firm.

5. Toward the end of the chilling time (perhaps about 15 minutes until the balls are thoroughly chilled), melt your chocolate morsels over the double boiler.

6. Remove the cake balls from the freezer and quickly submerge each ball into the melted chocolate (make sure it’s thin enough to dunk into and coat the balls), using the aid of two forks (I found this part of the process very frustrating. Don’t be discouraged if your balls start looking like blobs; it will still taste good!). Once thoroughly coated in chocolate, quickly put each chocolate-covered cake ball back on the parchment-lined cookie sheet.

Sprinkle with sprinkles, or decorate as you wish. Once each ball is coated in chocolate, let them chill for 30+ minutes.

7. You have yourself some cute, little cake bon bons! For Greta’s birthday, I placed them in a disposable container, wrapped with a ribbon, and put them in the fridge as a surprise. What an adorable gift for someone you care about!

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  1. February 26, 2011 5:16 am

    Those look amazing! Your roommate is one lucky gal! 😀

  2. Jane permalink
    February 27, 2011 11:31 am

    vickkkkyyyyyi come here often hahaha, im gonna try these! youre so creative!!!

    btw, why do i have to leave my email on here? -___-


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