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Lime Coconut Milk Ice Cream

April 17, 2011

Inspired by Trader Joe’s new coconut milk ice cream (and also wanting to make a refreshing dessert that my vegan friend Beth could enjoy at our Mexican themed ladies’ night–check out her new blog on vegan eating–, I set on making something I had never attempted before: lime coconut milk ice cream.

Coconut milk ice cream is healthier for you than regular ice cream because coconut milk has less calories per cup than heavy cream (about 550 cals/cup as opposed to 820 cals/cup). Also, it has a naturally sweet essence, which means you ultimately use less sugar in whatever ice cream recipe you’re using!

I have to admit, my first attempt at lime coconut milk ice cream was kind of a bust, as I didn’t pre-freeze the ice cream maker’s core for long enough. Sadly, my friends didn’t get to enjoy lime coconut ice cream last night. But, no bother, I just dumped the ice cream batter into a large tupperware and stuck it in the freezer overnight. It was ice cream this morning!

With that said, here is the recipe I used, and you can make it at home, with an ice cream maker or not!


3 cans coconut milk (approx. 40 oz.)

-1 cup lime juice

-2 tbsp lime zest

-1 cup sugar

-1/4 tsp salt

-splash of vanilla extract


-large mixing bowl


-can opener

-measuring cups

-ice cream machine (at least two quarts) OR large tupperware(s)


*Prepare your ice cream maker according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

1. In your large mixing bowl, dump the sugar, salt, and lime zest.

2. Open the cans of coconut milk and dump into the bowl, along with the splash of vanilla.

3. Whisk everything together until it’s all good and blended. Then pour everything into your machine and turn it on. It should be done in about 30 minutes! If you don’t have an ice cream machine (or if you’re like me and failed to chill the core of the machine for long enough or cold enough), pour the batter into a large tupperware and freeze overnight.

Yay for home-made, refreshingly sweet and creamy lime coconut milk ice cream!


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