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Hobo Pie

August 10, 2011

Something amazing happened to me this past weekend. I discovered both an awesome contraption referred to as a hobo pie maker (pretty much a cast iron, portable sandwich press) as well as indulged in one of its products: the delicious, ever-so-easy-to-make hobo pie.

Apparently it’s the thing to do (or make) when camping.

You simply lather your choice of bread (I like whole wheat) with butter or margarine, lay a piece butter side down across each half of the hobo pie maker, top or fill with your favorite fillings and close.

The choices, by the way, for fillings are endless. Whatever your heart can dream up. Be traditional and go with cherry or apple. Go savory and fill with deli meat and cheese. Really, it’s up to you.

Place in a super hot fire for a few minutes on each side.

Remove from fire, scrape away the burnt bits, and open.

Voila, a lovely hobo pie (I made a peanut butter chocolate hobo pie on this trip).

Let cool, place on plate, and eat up!

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